Monday, 15 October 2012

Weekend? Must be Glen Coe!

Sore backs and sore necks meant the team went for different options in the Coe.  Craig and Bill headed up on the bikes to scope out some new trails around the Glen and the Devil's whilst Mark went for a sprint round the Zig Zags on Gearr Aonach, SCNL, Bidean nam Bian.

We all had a great time. Bill and Craig checked out the 'directissimo' on the Devil's Staircase before seeking new tasty trails nearby.

The technical riding on the Devil's varies from fairly straight forward to super hard, depending on the line you wish to take.   This is really what makes the ride so good, and there are many options to extend the run to include fantastic trails around Kinlochleven.

A great run down into Kinlochleven and the excellent Ice Factor saw us have a nice lunch and cake followed by a fast run back towards the car in Glen Coe.

The weather held nicely for us but it was cold and windy at 600m. The views up the Glen were fantastic, with Aonach Eagach ridge looking very inviting for next week indeed...who knows, it may come to pass.

The glen never fails to impress and views all round are worthy of any tourist magazine...

Bill, blending into the landscape...

The ridge in all its glory 

Aonach Dubh from Clachaig

 The boys bringing up the rear !
Bill! Just so he knows :)

Who knows, next week might see us somewhere near to this location again...

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