Monday, 12 January 2015

Scraps for the Dogs...

 22 December 2014

Craig and Mark headed to Aviemore looking for a couple of days of good climbing conditions before Christmas. The 100mph winds of the previous days had quite literally stripped everything from the Pottage, Aladinn's and Fingers areas leaving only the more sheltered Fiacaill Buttress with snow.

We headed over to the Seam and soloed to the start of the difficulties only to queue behind a rope of three. Shouts of "Hot aches" and "I'm pumped" and little progress after 60mins had us decide to fire on up Invernookie for the 100th time - this is an exaggeration but we have climbed this route many times and in every conceivable condition, but its always good!

Next day was mild and wet at the ski station so we bailed and went for a second breakfast… then a third!

Some pics of Craig as he likes his picture taken, or likely is more photogenic perchance...