Sunday, 26 November 2017

Optimistic Optics

Craig and Mark went for the first outing of the season to the 'Gorms in the hope of some action.  The usual early start saw them at the carpark around 8 and a quick walk in saw them at the Snechda lochans looking at black rock.

The walk in was more positive looking but the wind has scoured the upper corrie with pockets of windslab in abundance and well frozen ground in scoured areas.  The windchill was making it very cold and wind blown snow was making visibility difficult at times.

We chatted with other parties and went for a walk to see what conditions were like on Aladdin's Buttress.  It was very black and not much looked in but Patey's Route was the whitest of the lot and we went to scope things without much anticipation as it is more of an ice route but we wondered if things would work in mixed conditions.

We rocked up and Mark set off up the first pitch; sadly, the deeper protection of the gully meant the snow was way too soft, turf not sufficiently frozen and things all a bit sketchy.  After battling up part of the first pitch, common sense prevailed and we decided to bin the day for coffee and cake in town.

The tools, rack and ropes got a walk and we're stoked for some better condition in early course.
Some pics of the day...

Mark on first pitch 

Spiciest moment of the day