Saturday, 20 October 2012

Bothy Nights

Nipped out for a cheeky expedition night at a lovely bothy in Argyll with the Milngavie Youth Cafe; the weather was rather challenging with snow down to 500m and poor weather indeed.


Loch Long
We got to the bothy and sadly it was a bit of a mess; buried rubbish and used toilet paper in the main camping field - unacceptable face of uneducated campers :(

Anyway, we had a great time even tho the girls had an all-nighter in case they were attacked by a spider - scardy cats!! !   All in, a good experience for them although they were all like burst couches on the journey home :)
Thankfully, we were able to leave it much cleaner than we found it

The one time resident - those days were hard

The Mountain Bothy Association are to be commended and supported for all the work they do in maintaining bothies for walker/climber/bikers etc to use.  Check out their site.


This guy looks like a guy who used to be in the Muppets??   Sam the Eagle?

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