Monday, 1 October 2012

The Black Swans...on Aonach Eagach ridge

Craig and Mark were out on a CPD day on the ridge doing movement and security on steep ground and some rope work whilst skating across the ridge

It was wet windy and pretty slippery the whole way across with the andesite being particularly death-like. In truth we were dancing like a pair if ballerinas at times, front pointing on the rubber rand!

Notwithstanding, we moved together fast and were slick when necessary with a sub two hour traverse of the ridge from top east to west. Many thanks to Moira who gave a couple of hitch hikers a ride back to the shaved an hour off the time car to car.

All in a good day demanding focus and care; the ridge never fails to impress or deliver.

The beckoning mist...

Slippy as an eel off the first top

Mark in the half-way chimney


Monster waterfall on the way down

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