Saturday, 2 June 2012

Ben Nevis First - with Positive Alternatives

Thursday 31 May saw Craig travelling up Ben Nevis by the Pony Track for the first time with a group of Young People from Positive Alternatives - a group helping disadvantaged young people into employment or training.

The weather was pretty poor with lots of mist and rain but short spells of sun...very intermittently. 

Having never walked the Pony Track, in poor vis, I had to concentrate towards to the summit and keep the young people away from the cornices, but they got there in one piece and hats off to them for the effort.

Sadly the summit is a disgraceful mess and I filled a bag rubbish on the summit and on the way down - too much rubbish dumped and plenty bottles thrown down onto the top section of Observatory Ridge...sad!!

Things didn't improve much on the way down but overall, a good day and well done to all the young people for the efforts expended.

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