Saturday, 2 June 2012

Cobbler sprinting

Mark and Craig had an Alps CPD day on the Cobbler on Friday 1 June after work.  We struck up directly on a bearing to the beallach and got there in an hour.  Midges out, we sprinted down to the base of Recess Route - a great wee climb - and took the first two pitches in jig time...sadly left my camera on my rucksack.

We then traversed over the finished off the last pitch of Incubator before a rush back to the bags.   After a trudge back up to the beallach, we set the watches and raced back to the car, dropping 820m to 150m in 29mins arriving at the car lathed in sweat but mightily happy - now I know (a little) how fell runners feel, but we had climbing sacks on! Great sunsets.

Great day, great climb and good training, feeling good with my efforts after a long day on the Ben.

Allez les Alpes...

1 comment:

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