Monday, 3 February 2014

Hunger Games, Robin Hood, William Tell.........Craig & Bill???

Craig and Bill were away this weekend finishing their Archery GB Leaders Award with MRM Archery at Auchengillan.   It turned out to be a most enjoyable course with good banter with a wide cross section of keen outdoorsy folk.

Bill did 'quite' well and won himself a wee cup for hitting the target;

Craig made it a challenge and did archery on ice skates and won a cup too;

As you can see, the boys 'done good', had a good time learning about safety and archery and got to 'fire' a few arrows too...'fire' of course being the entirely wrong term, which we all repeated ad nauseum to the assessors grand consternation.

Many thanks to Auchengillan Scout Centre for the location and Moira for putting up with us.

If you fancy a taster session on archery, why not give us a call.

Guaranteed to hit something....we hope.

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