Wednesday, 3 July 2013

'Descent Route' - someone said

Craig and Mark went for a CPD day in lieu of  Craig's SPA training which was disappointingly cancelled at the last minute.  With only one half finished climb this season, it had to be a dash ahead of the rain to try for Agag's Groove and January Jigsaw - the old classics which never let you down.

Early start saw us walking in from Jacksonville around 715am and getting on rock in good time.  Found some Dwarf Cornel on the way, which is a wonderful wee flower and fairly rare on the hills around this way...

Once on route, I took first and last pitches; Mark the middle two to keep things fair.  We topped out in to increasing wind and the cloud level dropped significantly.  We could feel the rain coming and had already set up an abseil down from the top of January Jigsaw but all too soon the rain started and put paid to further climbing.

With heavy hearts, we stripped the ab and headed across the E side of Crowberry Tower, seeing a neighbour of mine doing Curved Ridge with his club - well done Martin :)  A quick half Mars at the top of CR and we were off.

We down climbed Curved Ridge which is always fun but darn sore in climbing shoes, retrieving our bags then heading back to the car, and the start of Mark and Jane's holiday up north.

All in a great day and hopefully some more climbing to come.

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