Sunday, 19 May 2013

Wind and the Gallows

Craig, Mark and Peter went on a CPD day, scoping out new tracks in the Coe area and found that it's hard to beat the old favourite of the Devil's Staircase.  We parked at the King's House Hotel and cycled up the road to the path and headed up the trudge to the top.

There were plenty of WHWers out having a good day and there was plenty of chat from them, which is always nice to see; bikers and walkers appreciating the environment on equal terms.  Once up top, it was 'lock and load' and we headed off on the loose path to the small burn crossing then a short climb to the start of the route proper - nice knarly single track, seeking the hardest line to keep skills sharp; the Turner 5-Spot comes into its own on this terrain, and Pete and I both appreciate the decision to buy made 7&8 years ago respectively!!

Anyway, downhill towards K'levem until we met Murray Watson and co. on their way back from Torridon - resplendent in his Rockhard top :)   Down into the Ice Factor for lunch (after my first puncture in ages - 'I never puncture' - and then a review of the shop with nothing worth buying!
On top of the Glen Coe Caldera

On up the road towards Glen Coe village and a short cut behind the cottages and found amazing river/rock formations caused by pebbles rubbing rock over thousands of years - should become a Geopark...?
Stuck climber
Into the Coe proper and met by a howling - proper howling - gale but forced a route off road almost all the way to the bottom of the Devil's...tough in the wind and then torrential rain tho...that said, it is biking in Scotland which is always hard earned but absolutely amazing :))

Onto the WHW and straight down to the King's House in jig time (ish) for a quick change in the rain and off home for The Great Gatsby.
The change in rock delineates the andesite and rhyolite bands of rock in the caldera
All in, a great day, reminding us all of how good the Devil's really is and how good biking in Scotland can be, despite the weather.

Mountain biking in Scotland.....why wouldn't you...why not join us?

Meantime, Bill was out delivering a MBLA Trail Cycle Leader course - get in touch if you want to get some qualifications to lead groups - simply contact details

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