Sunday, 5 May 2013

Pentland's 'Reservoir' - a Duke Of Edinburgh soaking

Friday saw Craig and Bill out on a Bronze DofE practice expedition around the Pentland hills; this is a popular location for DofE groups, evidenced by the small groups of young people out walking around the paths.

Friday was a truly appalling day and well done to the young folks for getting round with minimal 'loss of location' in heavy rain and very gusty winds.  There were lots of learning points for them around navigation, first aid and what to carry (and not to carry) for an overnight camp.   The final act of the evening was to ensure the guy lines were tied down taut to prevent the wind blowing them over, as well as evacuating an unwell pupil :(

They had a ball at the camp site (occasionally too much!)  and awoke to sunshine and no rain on day 2 - up at 4am!!! and breakfast from 5-8am gave them enough time sort things out and us to get organised.

We set off on the last day - some too tired for obvious reasons - and made good time with more learning points along the way.The sun shone all too briefly and cloud moved over with gusts continuing but it was a huge improvement on day 1.   Another unwell evacuation tested logistics and planning but a very very helpful local joiner, returning from fishing on Loganlea Reservoir, took Bill and the IP to the RVP and saved the day.

All the young people (seemed) to have a great time and they all look forward to their assessment in June.

Quote of the expedition was 'how do you make powdered milk'.........I suppose we were all there once?!?

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