Thursday, 14 February 2013

Wear the Fox Hat?

Craig and Bill went for a recce of a DoE Silver route near Killin on Tuesday and found conditions different than anticipated for the day...lots of snow and very hard going.  Although it's a walking route, we tried to cycle some of it by bike.

In over four hours, we managed around 10k, having binned the bikes and walked to last 1.7k on foot to check out a building for an emergency refuge - sadly it's a shooting lodge for the estate.

Notwithstanding, we had a great day, chatted to the friendly local farmer and saw plenty of deer on the hills for the gentry to shoot in summer.   Even saw some footprints which I hope to get identified...not much of a trapper but I know someone who is very knowledgable about these things - Lucy!

Good day and good chat.

Heading out into a winter wonderland

Face plant in a ditch - walking too!

What are these???

Bikes abandoned due to drifting - heading for One Ton Depot...thankfully we made it with a tuna roll to spare :)

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