Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Craig and Bill sought refuge in the Scottish mountains on another stellar day to check out part two of a Duke of Edinburgh route we will use this summer...and what a route it will be.

Meandering into the hills on our bikes from the picturesque village of Comrie, we found a good covering of snow high up and enough solid terrain to make riding the bike manageable.  The scenery was spectacular and the biking great fun, with plenty of climbing.

We scoped a couple of excellent camp sites, had lunch in the sun and snow, saw 5 soaring Golden Eagles high in the mountain and chatted to a number of friendly walkers, skiers and estate managers.

All in, a great day in the Scottish hills; reminding us of the great biking we can still unlock with a map and a sense of adventure to just get out there.   Not only is the biking good, the hills are well worth exploring;  there are fabulous ridges to follow and link up a round back to the car with lovely coffee and cake to start and end your day in Comrie.

A simply Epic day :)

Get in touch if you want to visit some gems on foot or two wheels.

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