Saturday, 29 December 2012

Swimming Against the Tide

Craig and Bill went for a spin around Aberfoyle with Andy and Aneela McKenna and Andy McCandlish, enjoying good banter and good trails, if a little wet...biblical proportions wet - see video.
Chillin' chit chat
A good time was had by all, tho we thought we'd lost Aneela in the water at one point - the River Forth has burst its banks big time and there is water lapping over the Loch Ard road - hopefully residents are still dry. Loch Forth?
A scoot around some nice technical trails and over to both Andy's to catch a coffee and chat ended a great day out.   Plans were made for bothy nights and Torridon Affairs (heard that somewhere before!) so fingers crossed for more great, indeed simply epic, biking adventures.

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