Saturday, 24 November 2012

Ae out on their Bikes

Friday saw Craig and Bill out scoping Forest of Ae 7stanes resort for future visits with groups.   It took us about an hr from the south east of Glasgow, down the M74 towards fairly close to hand for us as compared to other places we visit.

We went round the red route in good time with a couple of punctures, enjoying the technical bits here and there.   It's a good location with red, blue and green routes available; the red route is certainly not suitable for the unfit or those lacking in good bike handling skills.

It even has a bike wash at the end of the day - great, and an honest bunch of locals and cyclists...I left my camera on the rear bumper of the der Panzer and it was there on return :)

All in, a great day and location...we will return to hone the skills.

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