Monday, 10 September 2012

Kayak Training Day - and Peter's Birthday

Simply Epic crew out with Peter for a great day's training with Keith from Paddle Power Adventure around Kerrera off Oban.

A fantastic days kayaking and we saw leaping dolphins, seals, various sea birds and wild geology in the area, but the kayaking held sway for enjoyment.

We had five hours of paddling into tides and wind on some of it but we kept the old guys 'end' up and managed to get round with no issues, and plenty of learning points.

All in a great day; great CPD for the team and more to come...

Video hopefully captures the day - Bill's first shot with his new GoPro...takes getting used to.

Top marks to Mark for being the only one to Eskimo roll; Peter and Craig failed miserably while Bill got his hair wet but not much else.

Enjoy...we did.


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