Thursday, 30 August 2012


25 August 2012

Mark and Craig had a great morning climbing the first 3 pitches of January Jigsaw (s) and the last pitch of Satins Slit (VS). The alpine start meant they had the face to themselves and managed to outflank the incoming rain and wind.

Craig was climbing well on his first climb back after his wee accident in the Alps.

Plus some images from the last couple of weeks showing and impressive land slide and some alpine’s that are out at the moment.

Craig and Bill have some availability over the next couple of weeks for adventures, simply call or email for details.

Mark on lead, pitch 2

Craig, "walking the walk" on pitch 3

Looking back from just below the "haven"

Craig following up the last pitch of Satin's Slit as the weather turned

Devil's-bit scabious
Exposed bedrock
Self heal

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