Saturday, 21 May 2011

Simply Epic - MTB Cycling Expedition to Speyside

Bill and I went on a great course with Jules Fincham over the Speyside hills.  The trip started badly with Bill's mobile home breaking down o/s Aviemore and having to be towed to Inverness for Bill to pay even more money to keep his fleet of Mercedes on the road.

Anyway, after a intro and brief from Jules, we were off and running to the hills, through Boat of Garten then Carrbridge on Route 7...a great trail to get us started with our fancy trailers on the back of the bikes.   Some nice climbing and eventually we pitch up on a nice flat field nr River Dulnain and time for food - nice curry out a packet with Mars Bar for desert!

Weather looked dubious for the next day and we were not disappointed with a cold front bringing snow on the higher ground, a coldish sleep and rain first thing.  Nice breakfast of tomato soup, sarnies and crisps set us up for the ride home, with the sun coming out the moment we got on the bikes :)))

A great trip through the hills and a monster climb to test the legs took us to the top of the burma Road, then a great descent brought us nearly home.  Jules used local knowledge to keep us of the A9 and we got home in plenty of time for the wonderful Lisa to make us sausage, bacon and egg to replenish lost calories.

All in a great trip, lots of learning - new routes, camping stuff, Jules loves his plant pots, pulling a trailer up the hill can be tough and Lisa's a great cook.

Highly recommended by Simply Epic.
Simply Epic Expedition to Speyside from C Coid on Vimeo.

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  1. It's really an enjoyable and great trip through the hills and a monster climb. I think Jules assist was one of the best help that she used local knowledge to keep of the A9. Did you face any problem with your motorbike trailer while ride on hills? Thanks for sharing this great article.