Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The DEVIL is in the detail...

Saturday 2 September

With time running out to Linda’s next birthday Mark was under pressure to magic some fine weather for a day out on Tower Ridge. With the help of some contacts it was agreed that the sun would shine on Saturday. So at 4:30am they left Glasgow and drove in the dark to Fort William.

Mark takes up the story...

Mist and low cloud greeted us as we walked into the CIC with Linda questioning if the
Douglas boulder was actually a boulder! Eh, no, I guess not, but then I have never really given it any thought!

We played leap frog with the boys from Newcastle and headed on up into the mist meeting
Marc  Chauvin and wife at the little tower.

Linda was trusting her feet and climbing well so fast progress was made to the Eastern traverse and the fallen block chimney. Next up, walk the plank and get lowered into the gap. All done without hesitation or deviation. Summit sarnies and news that the Ben Nevis race was about to start made us decide to take in the CMD arête just as the sun burnt through, giving us fantastic views of the North Face.

A Simply Epic day leaving Linda looking forward to her next birthday...

Linda McFall

Linda McFall


  1. Who’d have thunk that one could find the incarnation of a Lou Reed song on what started with the appearance of a dreich September day. Mark was amazing, as ever, giving me the confidence, trust, encouragement, help and occasional punty up or necessary tight pull on the rope to experience such an overwhelming day. The Douglas Boulder – what else would one think but an ‘actual’ boulder? The CIC hut, Little & Great Towers, Tower Gap, the Summit Plateau, CMD arête…all familiar words that Mark has told me stories about but unimaginable in scale and grandeur until my short legs were standing in their midst. The sun broke through, the midges disappeared, I learned the names of the tiniest, most beautiful flowers on the hills, thanks to Mark’s patience of my forgetfulness. “I’ll give you a BIT more time to think of what goes with ‘devil’s and scabious’ “. If only every day could be this good… Top drawer, Mark, and my grateful thanks to you. MMcG, ML extraordinaire… you’re the best. Not many women my age look forward to their next birthday…!

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