Monday, 30 November 2015

Great Expectations

Gorns2 from C Coid on Vimeo.

Craig and Mark packed late and got up for an early start before the early bird.  An early visit to what was hoped would be a snowy Cairngorm saw lots of white stuff on the way up.

Snowgates closed at Glenmore didn't bode well but 903am saw them open and we were second on the path from the carpark.  We trooped in but met a couple of kent faces walking out - overnight in the Sugarbowl gave them a head start.  They were disappointed and saw only black faces...ever the optimists, Craig and Mark wandered on in increasing wind and wind blown snow abounding.

Near the lochans, all was revealed; plenty white about but not on the faces and pretty thin all round and not overly cold, bar the windchill.

A chat, a cooling in the gusting wind and a sense check that said not sensible nor ethical winter climbing saw the guys walk out for coffee and thin reindeer biscuits in the drabbest coffee house at the new 'Natural Retreat'.

A few tasks in Aviemore and then down the road...good grief, the drive up and down is dire with the new speed cameras - stuck behind a lorry at 50mph; that's more dangerous than the old system with impatient drivers and icy roads!

Nice to get out and walk the ropes and tools but sadly its not winter yet, unless you enjoy blunting metal and scratching rock!


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