Wednesday, 2 September 2015

In By October....Aye, Right!

Craig, Bill and Peter took advantage of a weather window but more importantly a day off, to seek some biking fun in Glentress.

The ubiquitous Andy McKenna had shown Craig some trails earlier this year and efforts to link everything together again were proving beyond his mental capacity.

However, Tuesday was the day; there are so many trails in and around Glentress that I suspect only a very select few would dare claim to know them all; I am certainly not one of the select few!

However, I know some and by the end of the day we all had a big smile on our faces and a grand day out was had.

I'm still testing out the GoPro and my sedentary pace on the bike is exacerbated to a walk - Bill and Peter are experts at this art mind you!  So rather than have a one hour long video, it is running at bit faster at places, though you might not know where...

If you fancy a Simply Epic day's biking, feel free to get in touch

A Simply Epic Day's Biking at Glentress off piste routes from C Coid on Vimeo.

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