Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Curved Ridge - Gangsta Style

UntitleA Simply Epic day on Curved Ridged from C Coid on Vimeo.

Stewart wanted a classic rock day out and about in the Scottish hills.  Nothing better than Curved Ridge to be honest, so an early start saw us enroute with coffee in hand.

In his fancy new Audi 5 Gangsta Style Coupe, we got there in no time and Stewart quickly got his tackle out and into his football gear!!  After some laughing from the watching masses, the Chav and I got going...(see video for evidence...:) )

We made short wok of the approach but got Stewart tied up for the steeper ground, just in case, as he is going to be a dad soon :)   To be fair, it wasn't really necessary and he got though all the steepenings with ease.

A pleasant lunch stop under Crowberry Tower and we kept the excitement going by descending the Ridge and using a couple of abseils for fun.  We then headed for the Kings House and met this big guy...

My first game of darts for thirty plus years saw me finish round the clock in three darts...seriously; beers and dinner were on Stewart.

A cracking day out with Stewart and hope to get more next summer :)


  1. Last time I saw someone playing on that dart board they totally missed it and found someone's head instead!

  2. No wonder Becki. It is the most dangerous set up for darts I've ever seen. Akin to Russian roulette with each mouthful of steak pie!