Sunday, 2 March 2014

Martian Landings

Saturday saw Craig out on the hills around Comrie with the Glasgow Life group.  A lovely walk up Beinn Odhar, a Graham, then skirting to the adjacent hill saw us hitting the snow line around 500m and trudging through some thick heather to get there.

There are some lovely hills around the area, with one particular ridge line south west of Comrie looking very appealing in the snow.  We made Beinn Odhar in fair time but the wind on the summit and the proposed route west to the next was into the teeth of the snow bullets.  Common sense saw us take the winds at our back and drop down to the beallach fora sheltered, and lovely, lunch spot.

The only draw back to the summits were the increasingly, and hideously unsightly, ubiquitous wind turbines appearing out the mist like something out an HG Wells novel...there are places for these things but a new approach is needed before the Scottish hills are decimated by these monstrosities...

Anyway, turning our backs to them, they disappeared in the mist again and a little navigation was needed to gain the next top and find the way down the broad ridge line.

All in, another lovely day with group; I'll jinx myself but I've been blessed with most fine weather when out with them.........perpetul rain now no doubt!

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