Monday, 2 December 2013

Falko Dreams

Craig was out with the ladies (9 of them!) from Glasgow Life on a very pleasant walk along the beaches near Direlton, over looking the Forth of Forth, Fife and some outstanding geology from Scotland's distant past.

A quick resume of the local geology, North Berwick being tropical and highly volcanic some 350m years ago, saw us head off on the walk.  There is some fabulous evidence of the violent volcanic past with lava flows, caves and glacial features aplenty from more recent times.

Sea Buck-Thorn
A wonderful short walk along the dunes, typically chilly east coast wind and a pleasant lunch spot over looking the water, saw us back to the bus and a very pleasant coffee stop, thence home.

A new coastal area for Craig and one very much worth returning to, with plenty of bird life and points of interest.

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