Thursday, 24 January 2013

Boot Camp

Craig and Mark were out doing a bit of winter night time nav practice in the Arrochar Alps on Wednesday night.   It was cold, fairly windless and a beautiful night for it.

Rime building nicely...and then the thaw!
We headed off from the carpark and paced to a feature and made our way towards the 400m contour line and some features on the way.  The snow was moderate underfoot but it had blown into some hollows and holes and we both disappeared into hidden burns etc...but all safe and well.  

Looks like the summit?
Once on the plateau we paced on a bearing to the summit for a quick dig in  the snow to build some shelter (bit windier on the top) and made ourselves a wee cuppa the best...Heinz Tomato - truly the soup of champions and mountaineers :)

From the plateau we headed down finding some features on the way and had a nice walk out and about. It was nice to get out for the first time in a while and use map and compass :))

If you want to sharpen your navigation skills, give us a call and we can help develop your repertoire of skills to get out and explore the hills with confidence.

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